Gray Malin: Photos that speak summer

Sperry, Italian Riviera, Veuve Clicquot, Martha's Vineyard, Summer, Beaches: They all conjure up the essence of Gray Malin's art.

The often aerial photographer's work makes you feel like you could land in and live an endless summer.

He captures beaches, sun bathers, exotic animals, spectacular swimming pools, and scenes that mesmerize.

And he has partnered with Sperry shoes, creating ironically designed boat shoes, and Veuve Clicquot, depicting champagne visions for stunning brand imagery.

His newest images share Martha's Vineyard, check them out here:

Mr. Malin's Lifestyle Blog is well worth a visit; it includes lots of great "how to's" such as Tips & Tricks for Picture Hanging, How to Work from a Coffee Shop, and Top Ten Lists such as the best Ros├ęs. See everything Gray Malin here:

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