Summertime, just in time

Just in time for summer, meet ellelauri's Jules, Darby, Coco, and Milly. With summer's kick-off on Memorial Day, now's the time to add some pieces to your summer wardrobe. ellelauri will keep you dressed perfectly for all that summer brings: hot days, warm nights, sunny poolsides, and seaside excursions. Happy Memorial Day!

Jules Romper
Planning an action packed summer road trip weekend? The Jules Romper is sporty enough to keep up with your carefree travels.

 Jules Romper

Darby Dress
With a nautical flair the Darby dress is perfect for a day at sea or a trip to the seaside.

Coco Dress 
Versatile. The Coco Dress can take you from work paired with a cardigan to playful summer nights with its open lattice back.

 Coco Dress

Milly Dress 
What to wear to a garden party? In the Milly Dress paired with a sun hat you will be sure to outshine even the garden blooms. 

ellelauri's Avalon, NJ boutique opens for the season Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 23rd. Or you can shop with us at anytime at 

Tom Scheerer: On the coffee table

Tom Scheerer's welcoming interior designs

Tom Scheerer has created comforting interior designs all over the world: from the Bahamas to Paris, from Brooklyn to Charleston, and from Aspen to a charter yacht.

Described in the New York Times as " ... doing rooms that are relaxed to the point of being hard to categorize as decorated ... " he creates a carefree elegance.

His coffee table book "Tom Scheerer Decorates" published last fall gives his fans over 200 pages of over-sized rich and inviting photographs. It is a go to idea book for us.  

His interior designs convey such warmth and comfort that their photos alone make you feel not only welcome but as if the rooms were designed with you in mind. 

We especially love the whimsy of the decorative and wearable sun hats, seen below, that add charm to an otherwise understated space in this beach house. 

Visit his website to get an overview of the livable elegance he creates in all settings, and Like him here

Graduation time is all the time for Sean McComb

Sean McComb, providing inspiration for graduation every day

It's the time of year when many of us are wearing our cap and gown or watching someone who is walk up and grab their diploma. 

What's important throughout our school years to make it to graduation day is not always the tangible or measurable. 

Sean McComb knows that for students to make it through school to graduation it often takes someone who believes in you even when you don't. Especially when you don't.

As the National Teacher of the Year 2014, he is one the youngest teachers to win this award at 30.

He acts on the goal of keeping kids in school until they graduate, gives them the encouragement they need for life not just for the classroom, and teaches them practical tools to move from high school to college. 

In his teaching career he participates in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program where students learn and engage in the right next steps to get to college. He and his wife, also a teacher, started the program at his school, and it has grown to involve ten teachers.

As the National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb will spend a full year making stops across the country to advocate for the teaching profession. 

Congratulations Mr. McComb for the inspiration that you share with each year's future graduates and for the ones who are wearing their caps and gowns this year. 

Learn more about the National Teacher of the Year Award.

Gowns abound at the Met's Annual Ball

The stars came out for costumes on Monday night for the Annual Ball of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s yearly Costume Institute exhibit. This year the exhibition at the museum is "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" from May 8 through August 10. About 75 of James’ designs will be on exhibit in two locations. 

The ball celebrating the opening featured celebrities decked out in their red carpet best. 

Here are our picks for the best looks of the celebrities who celebrated fashion history on Monday. 

And here are our picks for best dressed couples:

If you're ready to see the ball gowns of British-American designer Charles James visit for more information on the exhibits.

When you're dressing up for your next ball, walk on the red carpet, or special date night visit ellelauri for dresses that will make you stand out.

Twinkle, little, little sun

Olafur Eliasson: making the sun shine all night

Olafur Eliasson has been creating art that has its own energy for over 20 years, including "New York City Waterfalls" and was called "The Master of Weather" by The New York Times. Now he is powering businesses in Africa with art and solar light.

His project "Little Sun" pairs his artist's rendering of a sun that you can hold in your hand with solar technology that provides light for places that don't have electricity.

Created with engineer Frederik Ottesen, the project is a for profit one that creates meaningful business partnerships throughout Africa and other places that have no access to electricity grids, places where the means to start new businesses are not plentiful. 

The project aims to create sustainable businesses in areas that are largely impoverished by not offering charity but an opportunity to become an entrepreneur with sales of the "Little Sun" lamps. It also teaches people about the benefits of solar energy for everyone. 

To learn more about the project and purchase your own little sun visit