Playa Aviones, Puerto Rico

To the beach. Playa Aviones - Local Surf Spot

Aviones Beach is considered one of the most consistent beaches for surfing close to the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. It is just a 20 minute drive from San Juan. Due to its shallow waters, reef, and wave force, it is not recommended for beginner surfers, so we had fun watching the pros and swimming in the water.

Three little hermit crab friends that were smaller than a thumbnail 

Described as a surfer's paradise for the expert surfer, surf reports for Playa Aviones are available here: 


Playa Aviones is located in the town of LoĆ­za. Not a usual stop for tourists but it offers local festivals, musical heritage, and authentic local food. 

El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

The Rain Forest

While we were in Puerto Rico we decided to take some time from relaxing on the beach to be adventurous and hike through the rain forest to beautiful waterfalls. The El Yunque Rain Forest is a cool, mountainous, sub tropical rain forest on the Eastern side of the Luquillo Mountains. The rain forest is absolutely beautiful, and it's a great workout hiking to the waterfalls!

El Yunque is an excellent choice for a rain forest experience. It is a very gentle forest. There are no poisonous snakes or large animals to be afraid of. The need to protect our planet's rain forests became more apparent as we gained a better understanding through actual experience from our fabulous local tour guide Jack. . . and the beauty was overwhelming.

The magic of El Yunque is in the pristine beauty, sounds, quiet,
and serenity of the forest.

The actual rain forest is at the top of the mountains; we drove to the top of the road and then hiked up to see the cloud forest. The forest is home to a number of unique plant and animal species such as the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot and the tiny coquis (indigenous tree frogs) that serenade the evening hours.

To plan your visit to El Yunque start here

Chocolate and Chambord Anyone?

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Whether you are celebrating today with your significant other, best friends, or feel like you just want some alone time-  these simple, yet delicious recipes are a must!

I know with everyone’s busy schedule it can be hard to find the time to be in the kitchen, especially after a long day at work. After all, who wants to be in the kitchen (unless you are planning on cooking together, which is always fun) on Valentine’s Day? That’s why I am giving you two very easy and quick recipes to try. The festive duo pairs perfectly together, a refreshing Chambord infused cocktail and some heart-healthy Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Whip up these simple and elegant recipes and impress whomever you will be spending the night with.  And HEY - there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying some sweet indulgences solo and watching a good non- romcom on Valentine’s Day either!  ;)

Chambord Cosmopolitan

½ shots Chambord
1 shot Raspberry Vodka
¾ shots Lime Juice
½ shots Cranberry Juice

In a cocktail shaker with ice, add all the ingredients and shake until well combined and chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and serve. Garnish with 2 fresh raspberries or blackberries.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Vegan)

1 10oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate chips  (any vegan brand, such as Enjoy Life or pure dark baking chocolate)
1/4 cup almond milk, unsweetened (1/2 cup for chocolate sauce)

·         Heat almond milk in a small saucepan on medium-low heat until slightly simmering.  
·         Pour in chocolate chips and stir constantly.
·         Place wax paper on baking tray.
·         Once chocolate is smooth, dip strawberries in the sauce and place on wax paper.
·         Place tray or trays in freezer for 15 minutes, or until hardened. 

Find more delicious and healthy recipes by nourish + nosh with Laura Ferro here 

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Recently we were able to escape the frigid east coast weather and take a nice little trip to sunny and warm Puerto Rico. With a short flight to San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport we landed ready to relax by the water, enjoy the sunshine, and explore! 

La Concha Resort

We stayed at La Concha, a luxury resort located at the Condado oceanfront within the district of Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It has a beautiful, modern yet laid back vibe. With five pools, a casino, amazing restaurants, bars, lounges and breathtaking ocean front views this resort was amazing!

White Lace
Fresh Coconut Milk, Rum and Cinnamon

Diva Hats



Perla is a luxury seafood restaurant serving refined contemporary American cuisine with gracious, professional hospitality. The restaurant is located in the dramatic shell surrounded by a reflecting pool with beautiful views of the ocean.

The Outside View of Perla 

The wine cellar at Perla contains more than 4,000 bottles with over 1,000 labels. They have an extensive wines-by-the- glass program with 30 wines offered, all climate controlled in enigmatic wine preservation displays. 

Designed by Jorge Rossello, the interior is elegantly appointed with luxurious furnishings and exotic materials. Eight hand blown Murano glass lamps illuminate the shell shaped ceiling.

Fresh Sea Bass with Lobster Risotto


Check back for more on Puerto Rico, exploring the rain forest, a local surf beach, shopping in Old San Juan and more!

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Valentine's Day: Looks to love

Celebrating love.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have you covered with something for everyone, no matter how you will spend the day.

For a flirty, fun Valentine’s night out we have the “Ginny” dress. The side cutouts are flattering, especially with the draped sleeves. This dress goes perfectly with a pair of nude or plush colored pumps. To dress it up, pair it with some gold dangly earrings and a chunky gold watch.

For a romantic Valentine’s night with that special someone, we have the perfect little black dress; the “Willa” dress will set all eyes on you. The mesh openings add to this sexy, edgy look that’s perfect for romance. Add a pop of color with a pair of red pumps along with red accessories.

For girls night out our pink “Candy” dress is the perfect number with lace detail that gives it a flirty yet classy look.  Pair this perfect pink dress with turquoise pumps and turquoise earrings for that pop of color or the classy nude pump with gold jewelry for the more sophisticated look. Whichever you choose it will be perfect. In fact, it’s so perfect that we made it in red, too.

Hopefully, we helped you get started with the perfect Valentine’s Day look not matter how you celebrate this day for love!

Check back later to see what’s on the radar for spring.

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Attainable Grace.

Glamour grounded in family, philanthropy, and feminism.

Movie wardrobes, gala gowns, and tailored daytime dresses all featured prominently in the life of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. Princess Grace had a real knack for glamour, but the American actress turned real life princess wasn't only about fashion, “I'm basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.” She was an effective philanthropist and devoted mother of three.

Recently, ellelauri staff visited the exhibit “From Philadelphia to Monaco: GRACE KELLY Beyond the Icon” at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA located not far from Philadelphia – hometown to Grace Kelly and ellelauri – and the only American venue for the exhibit.

Grace Kelly lived much of her life in the public eye, often having designers and stylists to assist her. But when she was scheduled to meet – for the first time – the Prince of Monaco, she was forced to wear a McCall’s pattern dress, due to an electricity blackout. That ability to pull it all together in any circumstance was what made Grace the icon of style that she still is today. 

Her choice of Hermes handbag soared in popularity. So much so, that today that type of bag, first used by Grace Kelly in the 1950s, is known as the “Kelly Bag.” Grace Kelly fell in love with it, and the world continues to embrace it.